• At first glance, you might confuse a barrage and a dam. Both are built across large bodies of water in an effort to control the water level. However, they have very differe

  • Although feats of engineering and technology happen every day, there’s nothing more impressive than the largest machines in the world. Some of these titans of enginee

  • Single Award and Mulitple Award IDIQs are a primary way that government organizations solicit contracting work. Single Award IDIQs are often more favored, since these contr

  • Location: Guateng, South Africa Depth: 2.5 miles below the surface Popular culture has created a very specific preconception of what people imagine a mine to look like. Min

  • Throughout history, humans have pushed the limits of what is possible with the tools and resources they have been given. The result of this undying curiosity and determinat

  • If you want to get a job done correctly, you need to find the right tool. This is especially true when it comes to building effective pipelines. To the untrained eye, all p

  • While there are almost as many types of project contract types out there as there are projects, you will always have your heavy hitters which are used more frequently than

  • In a previous article, we’ve gone over the purpose of an IDIQ contract, documenting and explaining the structure of such a contract. This time we’d like to go into more det

  • India is a land rich with history, and one of its many wonders is the Kallanai Dam. Also known as the Grand Anicut, the dam is thought to be the oldest dam in the world tha


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