• India is a land rich with history, and one of its many wonders is the Kallanai Dam. Also known as the Grand Anicut, the dam is thought to be the oldest dam in the world tha

  • Among contractors, not all contracts are created equal. Much like fishermen, certain hauls are bigger than others. If contracts could be compared to fish, then one of the m

  • Before any new construction or repair project even begins, a lot of work has to be done ahead of time setting up an agreement as to how the project will be budgeted and how

  • Often we don’t think about the infrastructure that enables our current lifestyles. Thinking about how land is connected to other land by pipelines isn’t exactly the forerun

  • Budgeting a project can be difficult, especially when labor is involved. While some industries have fixed payment structures when it comes to labor, others, such as contrac

  • LEED is an acronym which stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.” It is effectively a metric system which is used to determine how energy efficient a str

  • Dams have become an essential part of human infrastructure. They are used to generate electricity, irrigate farmlands, and a crucial piece in preventing floods. Dams are us

  • Location: Guateng, South Africa Depth: 2.5 miles below the surface Popular culture has created a very specific preconception of what people imagine a mine to look like. Min

  • Throughout history, many methods have been developed to produce the power that machines need to run. With limited resources always a concern, the world is increasingly beco


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