Dam Maintenance 

Dam Maintenance 

Dams offer many benefits and serve different purposes in the modern world. From irrigation to drinking water, recreation hydropower, and flood control, no one can deny that dams are helpful. At Gracon LLC, we specialize in the rehabilitation, dam maintenance, construction, and replacement of projects of all sizes. Our main capabilities include gate seals, welding, hydraulic hoist systems, and electricity.

Our processes are deeply entrenched in our future and history. If you want to find a new fabrication or install a new gate, we can sort it out for you. We are competitively priced and have successfully solved our customer’s dam-related problems for many years.

Dam Maintenance 

Why Should You Properly Maintain Your Dam?

Proper dam maintenance ensures that you are protected and that the general public is cared for. A good maintenance program will also cover the dam against deterioration, prolonging its life and giving you more time to enjoy its benefits.

Almost all dam components and materials used to make it are susceptible to damage, especially deterioration when not well maintained. Additionally, the cost of proper maintenance is much less than what you would be required to spend on repairs, litigation in case of accidents, and the loss of property and life.

Gracon’s division of dam maintenance provides the best dam construction contractors specializing in replacing and rehabilitating all dam equipment and mechanical materials.

We are one of the earliest foundations of dam replacement in the US, and over the last ten years, we have maintained over 100 dams. This means that our dam repair team is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the US. Although the inner workings of a dam are complex, our team understands all the nooks and crannies and will do a fantastic job for you.

Dam Operation and Maintenance Plans

Every dam project needs to have written dam operation and maintenance plans that provide for each of the following:

Operating Instructions and Mechanisms associated with the Dam

The O & M instructions will typically include the operational outlet conduit control valve, spillway valves, flashboards, etc. The proper sequences must be emphasized through diagrams and photographs so users can identify the specific control panels, the levers, and all other devices. The description of the correct method of closing and opening the valves and gates, usage during high and low flow conditions, the operating problems, and specific valve or gate, including the maximum drawdown rate, must be included each time.

The Lake Operation, which Includes the Outlet and Inflow devices

The instruction for this should include a description of the outlet’s operations that will limit and prevent any excessive spillway flow, including the method for the periodic drainage of the lake to allow the thorough inlet, upstream, and outlet inspection.

The Release Rate Instruction, Including the schedules for Maintaining any Downstream Flows that May Be Required

The downstream flows include power generation, irrigation, and others. The release rates and dates need to be recorded and placed in the project files.

Security and Safety Measures

The safety and security measures to be deployed at the site, such as the location of the locks and fences and all contact information for the key-holders, must be included in the file. The specific areas of the dam and surrounding the lake present potential danger and safety concerns for maintenance personnel and site visitors.

These should be illustrated and listed, including all the posted zones with signs such as ‘warning’ or ‘no-trespassing.’ These are zones that present dangers such as steepness, slippery, or any slopes that are rip-rap covered.

There should be detailed schedules and instructions for the performance of the maintenance work at the dam, the lake areas, and the appurtenant works, including repair of problems and routine preventative maintenance.

All of these should identify the safety inspections. 

Dam Operation and Maintenance Plans

Preventative maintenance

This ensures that the lake and dam are always in good working conditions, precluding the more harmful conditions from developing on the dam. The main tasks should be:

  • Repairing eroded areas,
  • Mowing, and,
  • Removal of all burrowing animals.

Individual maintenance tasks

These should be itemized on the list and include a description of the areas where maintenance should be performed, the tasks’ schedule, and the reporting procedures.

Routine Maintenance

The routine tasks performed for most dams include removing trees and brush, mowing grass, removing litter and debris, repairing the fences to keep livestock off the dam, and regarding the crest and other access roads.

The primary key to successful maintenance programs is the establishment of task schedules that must be strictly adhered to.

Priority Maintenance

Priority maintenance is very crucial to a dam. A list of activities is required for the dam to operate at maximum efficiency, and they deal with various problems and conditions that may be encountered during routine maintenance.

Immediate Maintenance

Immediate maintenance is an emergency action plan that should be activated in case of any of the following conditions:

  • If the dam is in danger of being overtopped
  • When the foam is about to be in breach, through progressive erosion, or slope failure
  • When the dam shows signs of piping or internal erosion, that’s indicated by the increasing cloudy seepage or any other symbol.
  • When the spillway is blocked and inoperable, the average discharge is restricted.
  • When there’s evidence of an increase in the volume of excessive seepage that can be seen everywhere on the dam site.

Gracon LLC - Industrial Construction Company

Gracon LLC – Industrial Construction Company

Gracon LLC is the best company for dam maintenance. We are an industrial construction company that offers dam construction, piping systems, and other hydroelectric construction services. We offer the following:

We perform new installations and fabrication for several dam gate types, such as radial gates, high-pressure slide gates, radial gates, tainter gates, crest gates, miter gates, and drum gates.

Our project exposure ensures you receive the most knowledgeable and experienced company in the US. Because the inner workings of a dam are complex, you need to trust this process with the experts. Contact us today!