Safe Industrial Electrical Expertise.


Gracon’s Electrical Division has 40+ years of industrial and commercial electrical experience, including supplying and installing various conductors and cables in various types of conduit and raceway systems.


Gracon LLC, hydro electric company, has extensive experience with:


Raceway Systems – PVC, HDPE, innerduct, fiberglass and composite materials, galvanized rigid steel, IMC, Aluminum, stainless, PVC coated GRC, electrical metallic tubing, ladder tray, cable tray.


Cable and Wire Systems – XHHW, THHN/THW copper, aluminum, armor cables, AC, MC, HCFC, tray cable, VFD cable, instrumentation cable, 5kv and 15kKv cables, fiber, and communications cable.


Electrical Equipment – Square D, Allen Bradly, Eaton, Cutler Hammer, G.E. Siemens. All VFD manufactures


Electrical installations – Expansion of services from 120 volts to 5,000 Volts, single phase and three phase, motor systems from fractional horsepower to 15,000 horsepower, controls and Instrumentation systems, PLC, SCADA, fiber, lighting, security systems, communication systems, fire alarm systems, and testing.