Electrical Industrial Construction

Electrical Industrial Construction

Any factory would be incomplete without its industrial electrical systems. If your current systems are broken, inefficient, or old, it’s time to call an electrical industrial construction company with experience in the field to discuss modern upgrades. Upgrading your facility or equipment to accommodate higher electrical demands will require considering new electrical solutions.

Investing in energy-efficient electrical renovations for your industrial space can help you save money on electricity bills. Numerous kilowatt hours are expended in manufacturing facilities. The energy needs of the industrial sector have been estimated to be almost a thousand times those of other sectors.

Electrical modifications can see a rapid return on investment at this level of energy consumption. It has been estimated that for every $1 spent on improving the building’s electrical systems, an additional $3 is added to the asset value.

Electrical Industrial Construction

What is Considered Electrical Industrial Work?

Professionals in electrical industrial construction work inspect, troubleshoot, and fix the electrical components of large-scale facilities. Contractors and companies specializing in electric wiring for factories and other industrial settings conduct electrical pre-construction, road mapping for electric design and installation, and electrically based products. These experts provide services to a wide variety of businesses and corporations across a variety of sectors.  Some of these services include:

Raceway Systems

Installation and maintenance of PVC, HDPE, inner-duct, fiberglass, composite materials, galvanized rigid steel, IMC, Aluminum, stainless, PVC coated GRC, electrical metallic tubing, ladder tray, and cable tray.

Cable and Wire Systems

XHHW, THHN/THW copper, aluminum, armor cables, AC, MC, HCFC, tray cable, VFD cable, instrumentation cable, 5KV and 15KKV cables, fiber, and communications cable.

Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Testing

Square D, Allen Bradly, Eaton, Cutler Hammer, G.E. Siemens. All VFD manufactures

Electrical Installations

Expansion of services from 120 volts to 5,000 Volts, single-phase and three-phase, motor systems from fractional horsepower to 15,000 horsepower, controls and Instrumentation systems, PLC, SCADA, fiber, lighting, security systems, communication systems, fire alarm systems, and testing.

Electricians who specialize in industrial electric work are invaluable in laying out the scope, timeline, and budget of an electrical project. In most cases, the specialists can provide incredibly precise estimates and highly comprehensive goals that will aid in the effective completion of large-scale electrical-based projects and building projects because of their extensive experience in these areas.

What Does an IES Company Do?

What Does an IES Company Do?

An electrical industrial construction company meets a wide range of needs, including contracting and maintenance for industrial electrical systems. What exactly do they supply? Electricians who work with high-voltage machinery and production lines are only one part of electrical industrial services. In addition, they deal with the wiring, lighting, power distribution networks, and controls in factories and offices.

Planning and Construction

One of the main responsibilities of an industrial electrical service is the creation of wiring schematics and layouts for new builds. Reading and comprehending architectural plans and client specifications will be necessary for this task. After the completion of the design phase, contractors can begin the actual installation process. Several electricians focus solely on one aspect of the industry, such as data cabling or underground power lines. Professionals in this field can set up, upgrade, and fix even the most advanced electrical systems, such as those that produce power at extremely high voltages.

Testing and Maintenance

Troubleshooting issues with complex pieces of machinery or equipment in the field is another common use case for industrial electrical services. This necessitates an awareness of not only the intended function of the machinery at hand but also its underlying physical principles. Once a system is up and running, maintenance and repairs typically fall within the purview of industrial electrical services. Troubleshooting simple problems to rewiring entire production lines are all examples of maintenance tasks.

Monitoring and Management

Some heavy industrial electrical contractors function as general contractors, supervising all phases of a project, from its inception to its completion. In addition to handling every aspect of a project, full-service contractors are also responsible for coordinating the timelines and budgets of the numerous subcontractors involved. Also, it is crucial to assess electrical systems for defects in design or shoddy installation. These checks are typically the final thing done before the testing and startup of new machinery.

Recommendations and Upgrades

Industrial electrical services also provide recommendations after analyzing the facility’s current and future electrical requirements. This could necessitate the acquisition of new machinery, the replacement of worn-out parts, or the updating of the current electrical infrastructure. It may also involve the total upgrading of an existing facility, which may entail the overhauling of outmoded equipment or systems.

Industrial electrical service providers typically work in the building industry. They work on all kinds of electrical systems as contractors, from installation to maintenance to upgrades. They also do inspections and troubleshooting to guarantee the system’s reliability and performance.

What Constitutes Industrial Wiring?

Three-phase power is the foundation of industrial wiring that is both smart and durable. With 3-phase electricity, the individual wires are subjected to less strain while yet contributing to the whole for optimal performance. Three-phase power allows for fewer wires and motors than those used with single-phase electricity. With these improvements, motors and wiring can work more efficiently and last longer.

In the electrical world, there are four distinct varieties of three-phase current:

  • Common 3 Wire
  • Common 4 Wire
  • Special 4 Wire
  • 3 Wire with Grounded Hot Leg

No matter what kind of 3-phase power you utilize, you’ll need a voltage meter to read what voltages you have access to.

Metal conduits, armored cables, and raceways are used for facilitating the safe and secure transmission of electricity in industrial settings. The neutral wire is never used; these enclosures serve as the safety ground instead.

How Many NECA Contractors are There?

How Many NECA Contractors are There?

Over 70,000 electrical contracting companies and over 650,000 electricians make up the U.S. electrical contracting business.

Members of NECA are electrical contractors that specialize in all facets of wiring and lighting. While most of its members are smaller enterprises, the National Electrical Contractors Association also includes national and international powerhouses.

Contractors that are members of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) are among the best in the industry in implementing cutting-edge technologies into conventional and integrated electrical systems. These companies provide services that are second to none, and NECA members always go the extra mile for our customers. They are the best in the business.

Gracon Industrial Electrical Services

Gracon’s Electrical Division has been in the business of supplying and installing conductors and cables in conduit and raceway systems for over 40 years, making us experts in the field.

We also offer a range of industrial services including:

We’re up-to-date on the technology, attentive to your business’s specific demands, and resourceful in developing novel approaches to addressing those needs. To learn more about our industrial electrical services, contact us today via our telephone at 970-667-2203. Contact us today to find out how we can serve you!