Build a Better Future

We build low-cost, carbon-free power for neighborhoods. We ensure the functionality of reservoirs to supply water to farming communities. We assist the armed forces at home, so they can protect our freedoms from afar. At Gracon, we are building more than the next project, we are building the future.

Build Exciting Things

We don’t install miles of pipeline, bland commercial offices, or wastewater treatment plants. We level 400,000 lb. spinning hydroelectric components within thousandths of an inch, hold back eighty-four billion gallons of water with a high-pressure slide gate, and enable migrating Chinook Salmon to scale dams using fish ladders. Our work has taken us to salt mines under Lake Erie and reservoirs above the tree line. We have interesting and unique projects.

Build Your Career

Gracon’s success is due to its dynamic team. Our people are creative and entrepreneurial with a desire for continuous improvement and a commitment to building long lasting relationships. We firmly believe your potential should only be limited by your hard work and dedication to growth, not your place in line. You are not just an employee number among hundreds of employees. You are an individual with unique strengths, interests, and skills. With the growth Gracon is experiencing, you will not find a better opportunity to grow into a leadership position.


Join us.