Building a Better Future

Gracon doesn’t install miles of pipeline, bland commercial offices, or wastewater treatment plants. We level 400,000 lb. spinning hydroelectric components within thousandths of an inch, hold back eighty-four billion gallons of water with a high-pressure slide gate, and design and build hundreds of thousands of square feet of food processing facilities to feed America. We build low-cost, carbon-free power for neighborhoods, and we ensure the functionality of reservoirs to supply water to farming communities Our work has taken us to salt mines under Lake Erie and reservoirs above the tree line. At Gracon, we are building more than the next project, we are building the future.

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Loving What You Do


Gracon believes in hiring great people, placing them in a successful environment on exciting, strategic projects, and watching them grow. We understand maintaining a work-life balance while you grow your career is the basis of satisfaction.

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Reaching Your Potential


Gracon’s goal is to help you reach your highest level of success. Guidance and knowledge are given and shared throughout the company, from Presidents to Project Managers. This allows you the opportunity to grow and learn providing you with a supportive structure for the path you have chosen.

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Believing in the Mission


Gracon believes in the longevity of an employee. We have employees that have been with the company for more than 30 years and pride ourselves on low turnover rates. Our goal is to develop an environment that allows you to succeed in your future. Gracon’s seven principle core values, which we strive to achieve every day, are the basis of our mission.

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