The MATOC Contract

The MATOC Contract

Among contractors, not all contracts are created equal. Much like fishermen, certain hauls are bigger than others. If contracts could be compared to fish, then one of the most ambitious and lofty catch would be none other than the whale- in this case a MATOC contract. Sometimes a contract can be so big that it can single handedly, or almost single handedly, keep a contracting company comfortably at maximum workload. Usually MATOC contracts are such ones. Since they are such a large and important part of the contracting world, it only makes sense to arm oneself with knowledge as to what they are, how they’re used, and how they’re awarded.

What Is A MATOC Contract?

Army Engineers MATOC Contract

MATOC stands for Multiple Award Task Order Contract. While the acronym is a bit unwieldy and nonsensical, the full name more or less accurately describes the contract. Essentially, a MATOC contract is not necessarily for one job, but rather a collection of jobs across a period of time. Essentially receiving a MATOC contract ensures a steady stream of jobs for anywhere between three to five years.

Essentially, a MATOC is a master contract which is used to expedite future job orders. A new contract must still be drafted up for individual jobs, but the MATOC is a larger overarching agreement which establishes what the working relationship will be like and eliminates the need for such things to be negotiated on within each individual contract, saving time and allowing for much more flat and efficient management.

How Are MATOC Contracts Best Used?

The strength of the MATOC contract lies in it’s versatility. So long as the contractor is proven, reliable, and effective, MATOCs cut down on a huge amount of overhead and red tape. If a contractor has been awarded a MATOC, new jobs take only a matter of weeks to get started instead of a matter of months.

The US Army is one of the entities which makes the most use of MATOC Contracts. This is because MATOC contracts allow for lower management costs which in turn means more money is available for use on the construction contracts themselves.

What Contractors Are Best Suited For MATOC Contracts?

Unfortunately, those who are not chosen for a MATOC contract will not always be able to immediately jump back on the horse that has thrown them. Since MATOC contracts are for such a long period of time, the chances are few and far between. This can be a problem for smaller companies seeing that there is a great deal of investment and patience which goes into getting a MATOC contract. Expect to spend a couple of months going through the process without any guarantee.

Because of this, attempting to be awarded a MATOC contract is not for the faint of heart and requires that the contractor in question must be of considerable size and means should they fail. It is important to note the qualities which are usually looked for in MATOC contract candidate in order to best prepare for applying for a MATOC contract. Generally, MATOC contracts will be awarded to contractors which provide the best value, have great procurement rates, and have demonstrated both of these qualities in their past performances.