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Whether the project requires slip-lining large diameter pipe, or connecting complicated mechanical systems, Gracon provides quality and timely results. We have been providing industrial piping contractor services since our inception and have best-in-class experience in all aspects of the industry.


In our long history, Gracon has established key relationships with major pipe manufactures which can reduce costs for the owner.

Piping Services


Since our inception, Gracon LLC, a piping construction company, has been providing industrial piping services with best-in-class experience in all aspects of the industry. Throughout our long history, Gracon has established key relationships with major pipe manufacturers which can reduce costs for the project owner. Whether the project requires slip-lining, large diameter pipe, or connecting complicated mechanical systems, we provide quality and timely results.

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High Pressure Hydraulics


Piping is an important aspect to hydraulic systems, comes in many forms, and requires specialized expertise. As a piping construction company, Gracon has expertise with multiple facets of high-pressure hydraulics, from tubing with swage lock fittings, to stainless pipe with socket weld fittings. Gracon also has expertise working on hydraulic power unit systems that are used for activating shutoff valves, wicket gates, and Kaplan blades.


Raw Water Systems


Powerhouses frequently use raw water systems for cooling, domestic water (if treated), and fire protection amongst other things. These systems are branched off the main penstocks that power the turbines. The water is used for cooling generators, bearings, and seals. It is also used occasionally as coolers for the powerhouse.

Gracon has the experience needed for every aspect of powerhouse piping, including raw water. Raw water systems must be constantly managed and maintained to ensure they are properly operating. Depending on the type of system, installing the correct materials for the pipes, valves, and fittings is essential for a long-lasting system.

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Chilled Water Systems


Gracon has worked on several chilled water systems for multiple clients. One project that made a huge impact in Colorado was at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. We installed 3,000 LF of high-density polyethylene piping for the chilled water system. The project converted the system from gas to a water, leading the University to become more sustainable.

Another project we completed was Hot/Chilled Water Loop Replacement project at the Federal Correctional Complex in Florence, Colorado. This project included installation of new pre-insulated piping to distribute chilled water and heating water (supply and return) across the entire complex. Piping consisted of 7,000 LF of Trench. 32,000 & LF Pipe 14” to 1 ½


Steam and High Temperature Hot Water Piping


Gracon works on large campuses to improve their steam and high temperature hot water (HTHW) piping systems. Many of our projects involve adding extensions to existing systems with pre-insulated piping. We perform in-kind replacement inside tunnels when working on steam and HTHW piping systems. Successful projects Gracon has completed were at Colorado College, University of Northern Colorado, Colorado State University, and Colorado School of Mines.


Challenge: One common challenge when working in the piping industry is access. Often the spaces are sized for piping not necessarily for maintenance on the piping.


As a piping construction company, we pride ourselves on completing difficult tasks with unique solutions to combat everyday obstacles in the piping industry.


Gracon spends a significant amount of time training our crews to work safely in confined spaces and ensures that all personnel on site are aware of emergency exit routes and emergency action plans.


When confined space restrictions are present, they are evaluated by an Entry Supervisor prior to authorizing an entry. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine if the entry will be via “Permit Required Entry Procedures”, “Alternate Entry Procedures” or “Non-Permit Procedure.” Often, Gracon will minimize time in confined space by welding and prefabricating pipe joints outside of a confined space. The prefabrication of pipe allows for the minimization of confined space risks.


Challenge: In addition to access, welding can be complicated from the off-gassing of hexavalent chromium. These compounds have been shown to cause severe health issues in humans.


Solution: All Gracon employees involved in any work where exposure to hexavalent chromium (Cr (VI)) exists, are required to be trained in the risks and safeguards associated with exposure to Cr (VI), and to wear all the necessary PPE, often including full-face, air supplied respirators. Jobs where exposure to Cr (VI) may occur include, but are not limited to, welding or grinding on stainless steel or on Cr (VI) painted surfaces.


All jobs that may involve exposure to Cr (VI) will be evaluated to determine the 8-hour TWA (time weighted average) exposure level. This may be determined through initial baseline monitoring or historical monitoring data. If the Cr (VI) exposure is determined to be above the action level of 2.5 ug/m3, scheduled monitoring will be performed.


We take our Core Value of “Zero Harm” very seriously so when work includes some of these challenges, all steps are taken to keep every one of our employees safe.


“They made suggestions that improved the quality of this major water pump repair contract… I would definitely recommend this contractor for future contracts.”
-David Schwaiger, USACE”