CRP 3 and CRP 4 Expansion

About This Project

Dahlgren was contracted by the client to provide design-assisted construction management at an existing facility in Boardman, Oregon. The project included the construction of an additional 66,000 sq. ft. The new area consisted of a WPC 80 dryer (whey protein content 80), lactose dryers, a packaging facility, 22,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, and office and welfare space. Dahlgren also installed an onsite wastewater pre-treatment system and reverse osmosis system to treat water coming into the building. The scope of the project included pouring 6,800 CY of concrete and erecting over 500TN of structural steel. The main project structure was built from more than 800 pieces of intricate pre-cast panels, beams, and columns. The coordination of large, complex equipment placement as the building was being constructed, allowing for size and complex structural decking of the building, was essential. This project was designed and built by Gracon subsidiary, Dahlgren Industrial.

Food Manufacturing and Processing