New Melones Replacement Runners and Turbine Overhaul

About This Project

Gracon disassembled, refurbished and reassembled all units. The work included site surveying, quality control, loading and unloading, critical lift rigging inventory, cleaning of components, and final testing support for start-up of the units. The refurbishment included field machining the discharge ring seat, stationary seal ring seats in the stay ring, and the head cover. Gracon also installed new greaseless bearings and bushings in all the operating surfaces of the unit, including the wicket gate journals. 


Gracon performed all pre-shutdown, pre-teardown, and unit alignments as required. All major components such as the bottom ring, head cover, turbine shaft, servomotors, bearings, and bearing housing were loaded and shipped to G.E.’s facility in Lachine Canada for refurbishment. New runners and stainlesssteel wicket gates were provided and installed during the refurbishment. 


September 2004


July 2007


Bureau of Reclamation


Calaveras County, California