Learn more about the hydro world and best-practices from our mechanical experts. As a company with vast experience in the hydropower industry, we are eager to share our knowledge and maximize efficiencies.

  • Hydroelectric power, sometimes referred to as hydroelectricity, is dependent on moving water. Water is the largest single renewable energy source responsible for electricit

  • Hydroelectric power, otherwise called hydroelectricity, is generated by the force of falling water. While that may be an oversimplified version of how hydroelectric power w

  • There is some confusion around the difference between weirs and barrages, more particularly how they fit in the spectrum of dams category as a whole. Effectively, both weir

  • From ancient times to modern times, civilizations build dams of varying designs to divert water flow, irrigate lands and generate power supply. There is one in particular w

  • If your company engages in any projects with the US Government, it’s quite likely that you’ve heard about Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contracts. IDIQs are impor

  • If you want to do business with the government, there’s one place you need to start. That’s getting familiar with federal acquisition regulations (FAR.) After all, this set

  • Budgeting a project can be difficult, especially when labor is involved. While some industries have fixed payment structures when it comes to labor, others, such as contrac

  • At first glance, you may confuse a barrage and a dam. Both are built across large bodies of water to control the water level. However, they have very different construction

  • Although feats of engineering and technology happen every day, there’s nothing more impressive than the largest machines in the world. Some of these titans of engineering h


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