Types of Dam Gates

different types of dam gates

Types of Dam Gates

Dam repair and construction are deeply rooted in Gracon’s history and future. We understand that dam construction is complex as all dams are unique in structure. Yes, their purpose is to control water movement, but a big aspect contributing to their differences is what type of dam gates they’re built with.

Dams serve several critical purposes for modern society. This includes access to drinking water, irrigation, flood control, hydropower generation, and even recreation. Gracon’s dam construction contractors specialize in rehabilitation and replacement services for dam mechanical equipment of all sizes. We are a team of multi-disciplined general contractors delivering top-tier construction services in hydroelectric facilities and dam rehabilitation.

types of dam gates

Different Types of Dam Gates

The gate is the most important feature of the dam, and they operate in unique ways using various opening and closing mechanisms. Here are some of the different types of dam gates we specialize in:

High-Pressure Slide Gates

These types of dam gates have been used for many years to control flow through the outlet works of dams and are considered one of the more basic styles of water control gates. These types of water levels in rivers and canals by using wood or metal barrier sliding to provide a vertical water barrier.

An example of one of our projects specializing in High-Pressure Slide Gates includes the Lemon Dam Gate modification. The project included the installation of a steel intake bulkhead gate at the bottom of the reservoir. This installation required a barge-mounted crane and our team used pumps to maintain water flow above the dam.

Radial Gates

Radial Gates are used for the diversion of water for irrigation and they are placed on top of dams to increase reservoir capacity. Radial gates regulate water outflow by rolling up entirely, they are used in spillways or in water canals to maintain water levels.

The pressure transfers from the gate’s curved face through the horizontal support beams and then to the curved radial arms allowing for better resistance to water pressure. Vertical columns at either side of the fate opening act as arms allowing for a lightweight and straightforward gate that can be closed or opened with minimal effort.

spillway dam gates

Crest Gates

Crest gates are bottom-hinged flap gates used to control water levels where it is needed. The compact design of this gate type consists of a straight or curved retaining surface, which is built on a fixed axis.

Usually, crest gates are hydraulically operated to open gates during flooding events or power outages. This spillway style is opened and closed by rotating its hinges and is an excellent option for waterways that need to pass ice or other floating materials downstream.

Drum Gates

Drum Gates are hollow structures that float on water and are pinned to rotate up or down. They are hinged and located at the top of dams and consist of a horizontal cylinder that is raised from its slot to increase the flow of the spillway.

Drum gates allow for the ability to control reservoir levels to precise levels, and without the assistance of mechanical power.

Miter Gates

Miter gates, also known as “Lock gates” or a “Canal lock” are composed of two “leaves” that provide closure at one end of a lock, formed at an angle pointing upstream. They are used to block entrances and exits of locks that allow water passage in a water system.

Invented by the infamous Leonardo Da Vinci, these types of gates allow water levels within a lock to go up or down and are still in use today at many canals or waterways globally.

different types of dam gates

Expertise and Safety

Gracon has replaced and repaired more than 100 gates, ensuring our team is one of the most knowledgeable and trusted in the country. Our extensive list of successful projects includes the Dillon Dam Gate Repairs, Strontia Springs Dam ERDS Rehabilitation, and the Gene Wash Valve Replacement.

More details about each project can be viewed here along with our other successful operations.

Gracon has a lengthy track record of safe performance, we understand how powerful dam structures are and they require strict safety guidelines during construction. At Gracon, we go by the Zero Harm Core Value, which emphasizes worker and public safety, craftsmanship, integrity, discipline, and sustainability.

Diverse Solutions

We offer a diverse range of solutions showcased in four divisions. Hydropower, Dams, Piping, and Electrical. When working with Gracon, you can depend on us to deliver on and execute some of the nation’s most challenging construction projects.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for quality work and personalized service.