Continental Dairy Facilities, LLC

About This Project

This project was a design/build milk intake expansion and butter production plant. Dahlgren’s work consisted of raw silo alcoves vestibule, pasteurized silo alcoves vestibule, wet process room, and a butter process room. It also included the filler room, box erector room, remelt room, hot water washroom, brine room, salt room, cooler warehouse, dry warehouse, trash room, grading room, driver’s area, restrooms, office, cooler dock, and related site development.

Dahlgren performed a large remodel on this project, taking the plant from 10 ½ million pounds of milk a day to 14 ½ million pounds of milk a day. Work on the project included installing a new dryer tower, three truck bays, new milk receiving line, and new whey plant. This consisted of large quantities of light wall stainless steel food grade piping, heat exchangers and exact temperature control, pumps and CIP systems, thousands of flow and temperature instruments, epoxy coatings, and mass power distribution from 15kv to low voltage. This project was designed and built by Gracon subsidiary, Dahlgren Industrial.

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