Port Leyden Unit 1 Refurbishment

About This Project

The unit, put in service in 1985, was experiencing leakage of oil out of its servo tube assembly, which provides a path for oil to be distributed from the Kaplan oil head to the runner hub to control the pitch of the 4 turbine blades. Gracon was hired by Central Rivers Power to dismantle the unit, inspect the servo tube for damage, make recommendations for repair, and reassemble the unit. It is a single unit, 2.1 MW plant located on an irrigation canal.

The hub was completely refurbished, with 25 new bushings being fabricated, a build-up of the hub bores, new seal design and material, and a full redesign on the servo tube support system.


April 2020


March 2021


Central Rivers Power


Port Leyden, NY